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Travel advice and advisories for Belize

Our goal is to offer you a realistic picture of what you should be aware of in terms of personal safety when traveling to Belize.

With the current situation in the world, we understand that potential guests may wonder, "is it safe to travel to Belize?" We offer extracts from the U.S. Department of State, the Government of Canada, and the U.K. Government, which provides their perspectives on travel to Belize. We include updates, corrections and new information from our own research and data supplied by residents and expats from our private mailing list. Please also view the BTB's COVID-19 Update for Travelers, and review the key points below.

What to expect

Visiting Belize


The Belize Health App must be downloaded and the required information completed prior to traveling. You’ll receive a unique QR code used for contact tracing while in Belize. At the Belize airport, be prepared for thermal scanning and to show proof of a negative PCR COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours prior. Alternatively, you’ll be rapid tested at your own cost. Those with above normal temperatures or who test positive will be quarantined at their own expense. Trip insurance is highly encouraged.


Upon arrival at our property, your luggage will be sanitized, and one of our staff members will conduct a non-invasive temperature check for each guest in your party. Those with a temperature at or above 100°F (37.78°C) will be subject to a secondary screening. To protect everyone’s safety, if your secondary screening registers a temperature at or above 100°F, our team will assist you and your party in isolating in your reserved unit until advised further by the Belize Ministry of Health.

Cleaning Standards

The frequency of cleaning and sanitizing has been increased in all public spaces with an emphasis on frequent high-touch surfaces and areas with high traffic flow. This includes elevators, public bathrooms, room keys, handrails, pool and beach furniture, and water sports equipment. Multiple hand sanitizing stations are available throughout the property. All in-unit cleaning supplies and processes are aligned with the BTB’s Gold Standard guidelines for safe and proper sanitization and disinfection.

Personal Protection

For the protection of yourself and those around you, a face mask is required to be worn at all times when outside of your unit, except when swimming. Children under the age of 6 are not required to wear a mask. Please be sure to bring an adequate supply of face masks with you to Belize to cover your entire stay with us. Hand sanitizer and disposable masks and gloves will be available for purchase at the property.

Team Members

Our staff has completed training on the new health and safety guidelines and is responsible for ensuring that everyone on the property, including themselves, is following the new protocols. Each of our staff member’s temperature is checked before and during their shift. Please be respectful of our team’s personal space by using your local phone to contact us. If an in person conversation can’t be avoided, practice proper distancing.

Social Distancing

Please help to keep everyone safe by staying a minimum distance of 6 feet away from others, including staff and other guests. This includes when in the pools, on the pool deck, and on the beach or pier. We’ll prearrange housekeeping services with you to ensure that no members of your party are in the unit while the housekeeper is there. Contactless interactions are encouraged; please use your provided phone to contact staff.

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