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Southside Safety

Known for its strong sense of community and neighborliness, South Ambergris Caye is the safest neighborhood on the island of Ambergris Caye and in the country of Belize. The South Ambergris Caye Neighborhood Watch (SACNW) is a not-for-profit organization made up of business and property owners on the southern 3 miles of Ambergris Caye, San Pedro Belize.  SACNW is operated solely on contributions from the community.

What SACNW does

The primary objective of SACNW is to make south Ambergris Caye free of crime and safe for all residents and visitors.  In working towards this objective, SACNW employs up to five Patrol Officers (POs) who patrol the area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Funding for the POs is through voluntary contributions and fundraising.

SACNW also works to help beautify the area. Beautification includes combating neighborhood trash issues and working with the San Pedro Town Board to keep road conditions satisfactory and mosquito infestations down.

“Our Mission:  Deter crime, promote community spirit, and create an environment that encourages awareness and continual improvement within our area.”

SACNW works hard to promote civic pride, respect and love of our community and we introduce and work on sustainable ventures that ensure the safety, beauty and quality of our area.  Every few months, SACNW hosts a neighborhood clean-up campaign.  The first clean up campaign resulted in over 200 large trash bags being collected plus 5 dump truck loads of miscellaneous debris.  Subsequent clean-ups now take only a couple of hours and effectively cover the entire area of over 3.5 miles of roads and beaches.

Patrol Station Services

The SACNW Patrol station is located in the Mosquito Coast area of the island next to Miramar Villas.   The patrol team is made up of 5 Patrol Officers (POs) who patrol the area of responsibility (the 3 miles of the island starting a Victoria House to the southern end) by foot, bicycle and or golf cart.  Patrols are conducted by 1 to 3 POs at a time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Roving POs deter crime by their constant presence and question suspicious people in the area.  If suspicious people or known offenders are found, they are asked to leave the area and are escorted out of the PO’s area of responsibility.  POs may also be called to assist private security guards on private property if the security guard feels back up is needed.

POs act as first responders to any potential incident, crimes that are in the act, or for crimes that have already taken place and need to be reported.  The SACNW Patrol immediately calls the San Pedro Police Department when the call pertains to criminal matters.  A PO is always in the area and able to respond immediately to any call and can ensure the SPPD has all necessary information that will help the SPPD respond and act in a timely matter.

POs, with the assistance of Special Constables or San Pedro Traffic Officers, may conduct traffic checkpoints.  Checkpoints help to deter potential criminals from entering the area and allow for better understanding of whom and how many people come and go from the area.

The Patrol Station is equipped for many medical emergencies with a large first aid kit including an AED (automated external defibrillator) and oxygen.  POs are given first aid first response training at least once per year which allows them to be able to respond to medical emergencies.  Once a call for medical assistance is made, the PO will immediately call the doctor on call then proceed to the scene to offer assistance until the doctor arrives.  First Aid/First Response training and exercises are a regular part of our ongoing dedication to the well being of our members, residents and visitors.

Members of SACNW or guests are able to call the Patrol Station for assistance if they experience vehicle troubles in the area of responsibility, or if they feel unsafe traveling on the road in the area and would like to be escorted home.

Patrol Officers can be reached by calling 610-4911.

Meet Our Officers

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